And another one like that!ย 

Hey everyone, 

It’s again been long since I had a post here. But I am back! This is again the type of post I did last time, I really enjoy writing them, I hope you enjoy reading them too! 

She sat on her favourite spot on the place that the whole of Bombay adored. The marine drive! Looking at it gave so much peace to mind, the calm yet raging waves rushing to the rocks. Seemed like they had a competition within themselves, the race to survive until they hit the rock. The waves know that the hit will be severe and they might not survive it at all but that was not stopping them from reaching the stones. They seemed to be drunk in passion to reach the point dreaded to be reached by all. Nothing was going to stop them. Such was the fire burning inside her. She was there that day to seek some lessons ; from the rocks to be stubborn, to be strong;  from the  waves for their undying efforts ; from the sky to be the witness of all this quest yet being it’s calm self ; from the wind to provide comfort from all the bruises caused by the efforts. She knew she had a little while until she reached her goal, the efforts were too much to take, even causing pain , but  the rush inside made it all easy. And with new zeal she walked home, looking back at her favourite place that always made her see things with clarity, she felt at home even away from home.
Have a good day everyone. Bye until the next time! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Not really a blog.

Hey guys, I am  really sorry for the delay of posts. There have been a lot of things happening, one of them was going for a trek on Kalsubai- the highest peak in Maharashtra.  Its a beautiful place. A treasure for nature loversโค. This little write-up was written when I was sitting up there. 

She was sitting on the top of the world it seemed. All her sight  could see were  just clouds. White as divine. But though her world was a mess down there. Here all seemed sorted. Like  when she will see   ground again, everything will be fine. All she could see was one plain colour. Simple, yet helped her mind clear complicated issues. She could finally think of answers. She found herself . Began to believe herself and she returned to the ground as a whole new person .

Two Worlds


This one is about travelling.

I’m a daughter of a father who finds his happiness by travelling the world and meeting new people. Due to this happiness, exploring isn’t exactly a new thing for me. I got to travel a lot around the world. And usually the airlines you take , has a via route that takes a halt at their capital city. So did mine most of the times I traveled.

When you’re randomly sitting on the airport and procrastinating because apparently there is nothing much you can do. Have you ever wondered looking at the people around how their life might be? I mean all of them come from all together different backgrounds, speaking completely different languages,etc. Their lifestyles might be varying so much and all they have in common is their love for travelling and are connected by the only relation they have that is humanity. But still people still manage to be polite to each other or at least drop a smile if nothing else, how wonderful is all this! Some might even have a conversation with each other. When you talk you know about how they are similar to you how do they vary, their culture, their family, and what not! You don’t even need to be awkward anymore, and you don’t have to be afraid if your secrets might go lose to the world, because maybe you won’t ever see them again in your life! People truly open up while they travel. Trust me its an amazing feeling that you feel mainly because having not met before you have absolutely no clue about who you are talking to ,so there is ย no way people there will judge you. You can be yourself. Travelling is the only thing that gives you more returns than you invest. It makes you a wealthier person by every passing moment. You start viewing in a way you never ever had thought of. It opens up doors to a completely different yet beautiful world. Your perspective towards life and its meaning totally changes. When two such people talk its almost like two worlds talking to each other.

Leaving the person who you had so connected to behind makes you sad for sure, but also your hearts are rented with happiness that you just can’t express in words. Later exchanging nos., email ids happen and when you connect through internet , it connects two worlds, making earth a smaller place!

Night just Changes!


Have you ever just realized that a month or week or any period of time that goes in circulation for that matter is when you actually realize that things have changed. This has happened to me like a lot.

At least a zillion times I have found myself going through old post and wondering how good that time really was. And that is when you just wish to go back in time and erase the root of all. You know all this while I was suddenly aware of the fact that changes in our life, large or small, gradual or sudden do not fail to affect us emotionally. Its in human nature to take time to adjust with the new setting that we hence forth will be living in! It just astonishes me that the tiniest of change in our life can lead to huge things that apparently we won’t ever see coming! A stupid argument can end years of friendship, a small gesture can reveal the true person in you, a word can bring a person close to you or just let the person drift apart from you.. All of this just lead me to a simple thing that people too change. Let that be a good change or a bad one, it totally depends on you as to what will happen to your relation with that person . Do you try and explain that change to the person or will you try and adjust with the new being!? Your response to it will determine everything. If you perceive it as bad talk to the person and witness this change from his/her perspective .

Trying to cope with this change helps you change for good and lets you get an insight about yourself. And when you have done this moments later you have become a person who thinks that whatever happened, happened for betterment and it sure does teach you a lot of things.

So yeah, everything does change and each of those have at least a couple of good things coming along!





And here i start…

Hello everyone,

This my very first post here. I am a totally ordinary girl who started writing first in her little diary and now has decided to put up her post for everyone who are willing to read them.

This blog is my first ever attempt at writing something that will be out to the world. These are just my experiences that taught me a lot of things and helped me grow as a person. I don’t really know how successful will this be, and I am not expecting anything great either. Frankly, I am doing all of this out of pure selfishness , just to get it out of my heart. And I hope that by choosing this course I might connect to some of you. So here I am giving it a shot.

I will end the introduction here. I hope writing here helps me and you too feel good ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for letting me introduce myself ๐Ÿ™‚ For more keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚